Our Story

team has been engaged with retail IT solutions since 2013.  We recognized the reality  about small, medium and micro merchants who couldn’t focus on their core business because of spending too much energy on IT systems, cash registers, POS and other technical issues.  This reality has presented us with a unique challenge – to solve the lack of complex solution for retail by launching brand/new approach for retail – the RETAIL ECOSYSTEM maxaa.

Super Efficient

Efficiency, self motivation and passion is what drives our team. 

Deeply Committed

Our professional skills are our talents and we have shaped our growth with the first-hand experience 

Highly Skilled

Our team is highly skilled professionals in each dedicated responsibility area

HELMUTS BUĻS / industry expert

LEILA BUĻA / sales & marketing
AIVARS MEIJERS / product management
EDGARS DZENIS/ development